Crochet Canada’s undersea canyon of wonders and be a part of the Gully Marine Protected Area’s 20th Birthday Celebration!

SeaBlue Publications

Crochet a sea creature, coral, sponge or other deep sea plant or animal found in the spectacular Gully Marine Protected Area. Together we can bring Canada’s underwater Grand Canyon to the surface for all to admire at the Gully Marine Protected Area’s birthday party on May 11th!

Use your imagination to contribute to a vivid sunken world that includes multi-coloured corals, large eyed octopuses, brittle stars and sea anemones, lanternfish, bottlenose whales, seabirds, sharks and tuna and thousands of other beautiful, strange and luminous creatures.

Every submission gives you one chance to win a prize. The drop off deadline to be a part of the birthday celebrations is May 1st 2024. Drop off locations will be in Nova Scotia only.

Please contact JENNIFER JOSENHANS at for more information or to find a drop-off point near you.

Sample patterns: