Media Reaction – Announcement of minimum protection standards framework


Canada sets standards for MPAs

Responding to the news released by the Government of Canada today about the issue of the long awaited Marine Protected Area Protection Standard Framework,  SeaBlue Canada welcomed this as a major step forward for ocean protection.

“We now have clarity around what is and isn’t acceptable in an MPA and can start implementing protection to the highest standards. We also hope that by providing this framework on prohibited activities, other countries will take note and follow suit,” said Jennifer Josenhans, National Coordinator.

Advocating for robust, transparent and comprehensive minimum standards has been a keystone of SeaBlue’s collaborative work since 2016. This framework provides much needed consistency and clarity on prohibited activities, which include oil and gas exploration and exploitation, mining, dumping and bottom trawling in all new marine protected areas since 2019.

To read the Government of Canada press release on the minimum standards: